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Network Not Registered Error Solution

The network not registered error is a technical issue that occurs on Android devices due to network-related issues. Follow the detailed guide for a 100% solution!

Android, which has become an indispensable tool of the digital age, is one of the most commonly used devices in our daily lives. Technical issues that occasionally arise can negatively impact device usage. One of these issues is the 'Network Not Registered' error.

The 'Network Not Registered' error is one of the technical errors on Android devices that can prevent messaging and calling features from working. People often research solutions for this problem, especially on smartphones.

With our guide, we will find a solution to the 'Network Not Registered' error, which is most related to network connectivity. This way, you will minimize your network-related troubles and be able to use your device comfortably on a daily basis. So, without further ado, let's take a look at how to resolve the 'Network Not Registered' error!

The Reasons for 'Not Registered on Network' Issue

The Reasons for 'Not Registered on Network' Issue

The 'Not Registered on Network' error can cause problems on devices due to various reasons and can be quite bothersome for users. However, it can be easily resolved when the necessary steps are applied. What are the reasons for the 'Not Registered on Network' error primarily observed on Samsung brand phones?

Below are the reasons for the 'Not Registered on Network' issue listed sequentially:

  • SIM card-related provisioning issues
  • Problems occurring with a new SIM card
  • Software-related technical errors
  • Third-party applications installed on the phone
  • SIM card not working at all or malfunctioning
  • Network selection problem
  • Phone network issue

While there are several reasons for the 'Not Registered on Network' error on Android devices, you may need to follow several different steps to find a solution. Following the step-by-step guide below will be beneficial for resolving the issue.

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How to Fix Not Registered on Network Error? (10 Different Methods)

How to Fix Not Registered on Network Error

There are some steps available to resolve the not registered on network error, which can prevent users from using their phones. When these steps are applied, you can quickly resolve your network issues. So, which methods should you use to solve the problem? Here is the answer...

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Restart Your Phone

The first solution when you encounter the not registered on network error is to restart your phone. Often, the cause is related to the malfunction of your Android device. You can simply turn off your phone by holding down the buttons on your device.

In most cases, the problem can be resolved when you restart your phone. When your phone shuts down and restarts, the operating system will relax, and minor issues will be resolved. If the problem persists, you can try other methods to find a solution.

Update Your Phone

Among the reasons for the error, there are technical and software issues with the device. Every Android device receives updates from time to time based on the brand to address potential problems. Therefore, the 'Not Registered on Network' error is often encountered on devices that have not been updated. 

To update your phone, go to the home screen of your Android device and find the 'Update' or 'Updates' section related to your brand. Tap on it to install the latest updates on your phone. By doing so and restarting your device, you will have resolved the 'not registered on network Samsung' error.

Reinsert Your SIM Card

Reinsert Your SIM Card

The 'Not Registered on Network' alert on your phone can sometimes be caused by hardware issues, not just technical or software issues. When a hardware problem occurs, you can solve it with a simple procedure, providing a simpler and faster approach.

Reinserting your SIM card will prevent you from receiving the 'Not Registered on Network' alert, and the problem will be resolved. When reinserting, it's important to safely remove the SIM card slot from your device. Otherwise, you might further damage your device.

For security reasons, it's advisable to follow these steps:

  • Turn off your device
  • Remove the SIM card slot from your Android device using a pin
  • Take out your SIM card from the slot
  • Wait for a while and then reinsert it
  • Restart your device, and your problem will be resolved.

Change the Location of Your SIM Card

One of the solution methods is to change the location of your SIM card. Often, this issue arises when the SIM card slot has worn out over time and no longer functions properly. In such cases, it is essential to select a different slot and insert a new or your existing SIM card into that slot.

It is important to ensure that your data on the device remains intact when changing the SIM card location. Therefore, do not forget to turn off your phone during the SIM card replacement. Immediately after turning off your phone, you can remove the SIM card slot and place your SIM card in it. This way, you will easily resolve the 'not registered on the network' error.

Reset Your Network Settings

Resetting network settings is a solution not only for the 'not registered on the network' error but also for various other problems. Data loss for storage is not a concern once the reset is completed. However, all data related to Bluetooth, mobile, and VPN connections will be erased.

Therefore, accepting the above warning, resetting network settings can be a good solution. Nevertheless, do not forget to back up your important data!

You can reset your network settings for the solution of the 'not registered on the network' error by following the steps below:

  • First, access the 'Settings' menu on your device.
  • Navigate to the 'General' section in the Settings menu.
  • From the relevant page, tap on 'Backup & Reset' or 'Backup & Restore'
  • Press 'Reset network settings' once.
  • This will reset your mobile and other network settings, resolving the 'not registered on the network' error.

Note: The 'Reset network settings' feature may not be available on every Android device. If it is not available on your device, you can try other solution methods.

Use Safe Mode

Among the reasons listed for the not registered on network issue, third-party software can sometimes harm your device. The best way to understand this is to start your device in safe mode. Safe mode allows you to identify potential causes for the not registered on network error.

In brief, safe mode is a mode that disables third-party applications and displays only the essential applications on your device. When you start your device in safe mode and the error is resolved, you can resolve it by removing third-party applications.

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Manually Select Your Network

One of the problems related to 'not registered on network' is sometimes caused by selecting the wrong network operator. To resolve the issue, you need to manually select the network instead of using the automatic network selection.

You can manually select your network by following the steps below:

  • First, go to the 'Settings' section of your Android device.
  • In the Settings screen, click on 'SIM cards and mobile networks'
  • Select your SIM card from the area above.
  • Navigate to the 'Mobile networks' section on the 'SIM card settings' page.
  • The 'Select automatically' option will typically appear as the default on the opened page.
  • Tap on it to edit it to 'Select manually'
  • When you turn off and restart your phone, the 'not registered on network' error should be resolved.

Note: These steps may not be applicable to every Android device, but similar steps are generally followed.

Check the Phone's IMEI

Check the Phone's IMEI

One of the reasons for the 'Not Registered on Network' error is the copying of the IMEI information on the phone. When the problem persists, none of the features, including the SIM card, work, rendering the phone unusable. By checking the IMEI of your phone, it is possible to determine if the problem is related to the IMEI.

The IMEI number is a 15-digit identification number used for your phone. Through illegal means, some individuals or groups can copy the IMEI number. Despite ongoing efforts to prevent this, there are solutions that phone owners can also learn.

You can check your phone's IMEI for the 'Not Registered on Network' error by following the steps below:

  • First, go to the dialer or messaging section of your device.
  • Enter *#06# in the dialer section and press the call button.
  • You can easily find your device's identification number on the IMEI inquiry screen.
  • If the type, brand, or information of your device does not match, it may indicate that the IMEI has been cloned.
  • If such a problem exists, your device will probably receive the 'Not Registered on Network' error.

Restore Your Phone to Factory Settings

Another method you can use is to reset your device to factory settings. In various situations, your device may not function properly due to excessive data overload. Therefore, a method can be applied to erase everything on your phone and essentially format it.

Of course, trying the earlier methods will produce more effective solutions for you. However, if none of the methods work, clearing the data in your storage may be the solution. Resetting to factory settings will remove various features such as photos, videos, sound, messages, and network settings.

Before resetting to factory settings, don't forget to back up your data. Otherwise, the data you delete may not be recoverable.

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Check SIM Card Activity

If none of the solutions have worked, the issue may be related to the SIM card alone. If you have obtained a new SIM card or have not loaded your card for an extended period, you may receive a 'not registered on the network' error. To resolve this, you can visit the service where you obtained your SIM card and reactivate it. This way, you can find the quickest solution to your problem and use your phone with peace of mind.

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