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The most frequently asked questions by our customers.

The automatic archiving of the shares included in the features of the Instagram application prevents the photos from being lost. In order to reach the desired photo from the archive section, it is sufficient to click on the clock icon in the lower right corner and all archived photos are accessed.

To download an Instagram photo without using a program, it is sufficient to simply put a leading zero in the URL. The method by which the photo is downloaded in seconds only works on the computer, there is no option to operate on smart devices, only viewing is allowed.

After entering Instagram, the photo you want to download is opened and the link in the address bar is copied. Then, the steps to be applied are followed and the Instagram photo download process is completed successfully. The method is also used over the phone, apart from the computer.

Instagram photos for Windows and MAC can be downloaded using a screenshot capture program or directly using Paint. After downloading, the photo is saved by performing the installation, the process of saving photos via the Instagram application is simple and convenient.

One of the easiest ways to save Instagram photos by downloading is to take screenshots. After the Instagram application is opened, the photo to be saved is opened and a screenshot is taken. After cropping, the image is saved. IOS devices do the cropping themselves, but for Android devices an extra app is downloaded.

Instagram users need to enter the selected photo to use the content save method. Then it is enough to touch the ribbon-shaped icon, enter the profile page and touch 3 lines to see the saved ones. It is possible to find everything that has been saved in the collection after logging into the saved ones in the options.

The method of saving content is a simple method for those who want to share photos on Instagram or download them to watch again. It is used on all devices with Android and iOS processors along with the computer, all you need to do is save the photo to the collection.

After entering the application of Instagram, the post you want to save is received and the ribbon icon is touched. After clicking the save option from the collection under the photo, a reminder text is written. To see the saved photo, enter the profile page and enter the saved tab by touching the menu icon.

Instagram needs to use additional utilities or tools in order to download photos. While there are browser programs among the methods to be used, there are many different methods for devices with Android and iOS processors. Users can choose the method they want and download their photos easily and quickly.

Instagram's app does not offer users any option to download photos, so there are many apps and methods. Photos that are liked or wanted to be shared on Instagram, where millions of shares are made every day, do not have a chance to be downloaded through the application.

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    I follow many different people and businesses through my Instagram account. Sometimes I was facing different problems when I wanted to download photos. They told me that the way to solve it is this site. After trying it without such time-consuming processes, I decided that it worked perfectly. It didn't take too long. That's why I recommend this page to anyone who wants to download images.

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    There are many beautiful pictures on her Instagram page. While searching to see if there is a way to download them, I saw that there were hundreds of positive reviews about this site. I just logged in. I did not come across things like opening an account or paying money. The guys offer the whole process hassle-free and for free. I found this to be true right after I tried it too. The system works smoothly.

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    The Instagram image download service is out of the question on the page itself. This situation led me to make different searches. Thus, I found the relevant site in a short time. After I did the operations, I saw that I could download the picture I wanted immediately. I give them full marks for this. But it will be more advantageous if it is faster. If the waiting time is a little short, no one can get in front of you. The site becomes very popular. Let this be my advice to you.

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    It is possible to say very clearly that this page provides a great service for people who want to take action on the Instagram page for image download. I've tried this many times. I was able to download photos from Instagram pages with the same quality every time. I haven't faced any issues or delays while doing this. I think they use a very good and fast system. Thanks.

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    I can't thank you enough for this site. I needed an image on a science page for my project assignment. I've used dozens of programs to download this and the result is zero. But after logging in here, I immediately saw how quickly the process could be completed on Instagram. Naturally, this made me very happy.

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    Instagram is definitely the first site that comes to mind when it comes to downloading pictures and photos. It has no rival. Transactions are fast and hassle-free.

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    I didn't know there was an opportunity to download free images on Instagram. After getting acquainted with this page, I realized that this is completely true. No problems with excellent service and speed.

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