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Frequently Asked Questions

The most frequently asked questions by our customers.

The story sharing feature, which is one of the favorite features of the Instagram application, is 24 hours. Stories shared within 24 hours disappear. Users can download the stories they share in their own account by accessing the archive section. There are various download methods to be applied for the shares in other accounts.

It is a crime to save or share personal images of users on the Instagram application without permission. In case of unauthorized downloading and sharing, there is a possibility for users to face legal sanctions in the future. Therefore, personal images should not be downloaded and shared in Instagram story downloads.

With the story reposter mobile application, users have the opportunity to watch their story shares anonymously, and at the same time, they also have the opportunity to edit stories with the application. Users take advantage of the opportunity to make different edits when re-sharing the stories they have downloaded.

It is possible to view the featured stories on the story saver website, and at the same time, the story download process is carried out by applying the determined steps. In case of downloading to a computer, a lower image quality is obtained than the image on mobile devices.

The first thing to do for screen recording, which is the method used for Instagram story recording, is to open the story to be recorded and create a screen recording video. Then, by making adjustments on the video, the desired image to be recorded is obtained.

The simplest and first used method in Instagram story downloads is to take a screenshot, but it is also possible to record using the own features of mobile devices. In order to use most of the methods, in addition to devices with iOS or Android processors, a mobile application must be downloaded or a transaction must be performed on the website.

Instagram story downloads are not for computers, there is no such application, but Instagram stories are easily downloaded to devices via websites. The entire story to be saved is downloaded to the device using the story saver or inflact methods.

There are not many applications in the Apple Store due to the company's policies, it is possible to download videos with the story reposter, which is one of the applications in the App Store. After the application is downloaded and opened, the story to be shared is opened and the download button is pressed. Story lands on the device in a short time.

For those who want to download Instagram story on Android device, all that needs to be done is to enter the Google Play Store and write a story saver in the search section. After the application is downloaded, access is provided with account information and the story to be downloaded is found from the search section. Then, after pressing the start button, the story is downloaded to the device.

The Instagram application, which has billions of users, stands out with many different features, the most popular of which is the story known as the story. On Instagram, stories are active for 24 hours, then disappear. Taking screenshots is a preferred method to save stories that cannot be downloaded to the device, but it is not effective.

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  • Auroora Lindon

    I see many stories. I like most of them. I wish I could get it. My friend told me it was possible. No more, I said to myself. But there really was such a thing. After I entered the site, I looked at what I had to do, I saw that it was easy. Now I can download the story I want. Thank you so much.

  • Klarika Alister

    There are many instagram pages that I follow. The videos in the story part of these are extremely interesting to me. I can't download when I click on it. This is because of the system itself. I searched if there was a way. I just found this site. I thought I'd try at least one, it really happened and the video was downloaded. Now I can download any video I like from the site.

  • Abagael Alon

    Now I have no problem downloading all the story videos. It may sound very strange, but such a service is in question. You choose Story and it descends. A great service for people like me who love and want to acquire many different stories. Thanks to whoever found this.

  • Roxine Filmer

    My friend told me, it is now possible to download stories. Of course, I didn't believe it at first. He sent me the address of this site from facebook. I entered the site and saw that the current service was provided. Let me at least give it a try. I thought I wouldn't lose anything. It really was as they said. By Allah, the video has just been downloaded. This site will be my go-to from now on. A very useful service.

  • Timmie Zebedee

    There are food stories on the internet. Short videos showing how it's done. These come in handy for me in the kitchen. However, it is a long process to log in each time and watch it afterwards. While I was wondering if I could download videos, I discovered this site. I found it via google. It asks for almost nothing and has ease of operation. It took much less time than I expected. I had no problem downloading.

  • Camellia Jim

    I have been using Instagram for many years. Stories published by celebrities always interest me. I didn't know this was available for download. Let me tell you, I came across this site by chance. They have already explained how to do the procedure. It's not that big of a problem. I fulfilled them. The story has landed. There are many stories in the queue now. I will download them all in order. Thank you very much for providing such a service. I did not pay a single penny while doing this.

  • Kristen Basile

    Downloading Story was something I always wanted to do. When I searched, I came across this site. I couldn't trust it at first, but I immediately took action to see what would come of trying. Story was indeed descending. I've tried this before on many different sites, but I've always been unsuccessful. It means there is such a way. Really awesome service.

  • Beckie Louie

    I have also used this system. I tried it after a friend recommended it. It seemed silly to me at first. Because Instagram itself does not allow such a thing, I said how can this be done. But the guys built the system. There is absolutely no difficulty. Moreover, I did not encounter a situation such as a video download limit. So you have the chance to get as many stories as you want.

  • Diannne Elmore

    I didn't know stories could be downloaded. I logged in and out of maybe dozens of pages in order to do this at the time. I also gave some of my user information. The result was always disappointing. After meeting this page, I had some hesitation at first. However, I tried the way they described as what to lose. The result is definitely very successful. Whatever story it is, you can download it. I just have to point out that the stroke time is a bit long.

  • Jorey Germain

    One of the things I always wanted to do was download a story. It means there is such a way. Thank you very much, I wish you continued success.

How to Use Instagram Story Downloader?

At Buy.Fans, we don't ask you for a password in the safe and Instagram Story Downloader cheat used by everyone. Test us using our instagram story downloader hack tool for platform. If you want it right now, you can follow the steps below:

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  • After the process has started, do not exit the page and the screen for the time given to you.
  • Finally, complete the process by completing the simple tasks that will appear.
How to Use Instagram Story Downloader?
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