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Frequently Asked Questions

The most frequently asked questions by our customers.

Our website has no intention of removing or limiting this service after a certain use. You can start using this service, which will remain active in the future, whenever you want. There is no set decommissioning date or purpose.

In our tool for Instagram, only the profile photos of Instagram accounts are enlarged. However, our website also has augmentation service for other social media platforms. You can enlarge the profiles you want in the relevant social media platform tool.

Enlarging an Instagram profile photo may not always be important or for everyone. However, it will be important to use the tool on our website to see a user's profile or figure out who a private account is.

No prepayment information is received in this service, which is provided free of charge on our website. There is no subscription in our transaction. You can complete a one-time upgrade without sharing any payment information.

The enlargement you will make at a time will only be for 1 profile. However, after completing one of your enlargements, you can immediately perform the next one.

During our enlargement process, we do not offer you photos that are huge or still small enough to be enlarged. On average, we enlarge our photos by half a page, depending on the size of the photo, by magnifying 10 times or more.

Our company does not offer any working hours limitation in the services it offers. You can use our website services at any time of the day or night, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Thus, it is ensured that it is possible to carry out transactions for you at any time.

The profile photo enlargement tool on our website works without any problems. Our vehicle is checked at regular intervals and all operations are carried out to ensure that it is always in working condition.

We do not keep any information received from you in our Instagram profile photo enlargement process. We do not store any information such as your information, photos you have downloaded or opened, and the account of the person you are enlarging.

You can also enlarge Instagram profile photos from your mobile devices. For this, you must first login to our website in the internet browser on your mobile device. Then enter the photo enlargement tool and paste the link you copied on your mobile device.

20 Rating - Average: 5/5

  • Afton Lynn

    At first I had some reservations before using it. Frankly, I was a little relieved when I read the comments and looked at the descriptions of the site. I did not encounter any problems after using or using this service. I can recommend to my friends who want to use it, do not hesitate like me.

  • Marnia Jesus

    I tried the Buy.Fans Instagram profile photo enlargement service, it worked. I can tell all my friends who want to use it, to use it with confidence. If only we could make profile photo enlargement for all social media accounts from a single tool instead of piecemeal tools for each social media account. Other than that, I don't think it has any flaws. 5/5 service.

  • Fredra Lennie

    I wanted to use Buy.Fans site after hearing from my friend. When my friend told me how good they were, I couldn't quite believe it. However, I can say that the site is really useful and reliable. Everyone I know prefers Buy.Fans for such transactions. I can truly say that they are number 1 in their field.

  • Melly Chan

    I can say that it is the most beautiful profile photo enlargement tool I have used. I didn't watch long videos, I didn't encounter spam popping up when I clicked anywhere. I can say that it is a quality service. I already use the paid packages of the site. This service has been of good quality to suit the Buy.Fans team. Congratulations to the whole team.

  • Julita Jase

    I would say to all friends who are considering using it, use it without thinking. They were both quick and really didn't ask for any information from me. I like that there is no such thing as logging in to the account. It was a process where I felt safe. At the same time, photographs were not pixel-by-pixel incomprehensible photographs. It was clear and good. I give 5/5 that the site offers such a service for free.

  • Ardenia Chad

    It's a service worthy of the age we live in about Stalk. I tried it and it worked flawlessly. And almost instantly, the person's photo popped up in front of me. It was really much better quality than I expected. Now I can use it for whomever I want. Thank you very much to the Buy.Fans team.

  • Jocelyne Tremain

    I checked it first by trying it on my own account and there was no problem. I saw the profile photo bigger and I didn't get any notification. Buy.Fans don't say stuff like that, guys. You can enlarge the profile photo of the person you want without encountering any problems.

  • Joye Taddeo

    It's working fine guys. If you have an unforgettable ex like me, you can look at the latest profile photo whenever you want. It works flawlessly whenever I use it. I can say that I am a regular here.

  • Myrtice Nels

    Çalıştı inanamıyorum çalıştı. Sonunda merak ettiğim kişilerin kimler olduğunu onları takip etmek zorunda kalmadan anlayabiliyorum. Benim için gerçekten kurtarıcı bir hizmet. Ne zaman birinin fotoğrafını merak etsem buradayım artık.

  • Sarene Sergio

    Instagram içerisinde kimin kim olduğunu anlamak çok güç. Özellikle gizli hesaplardaki kişilerin kim olduğunu anlamamız bir hayli zor. Ben de Buy.Fans sitesinde yer alan profil fotoğrafı büyütme hizmetini kullandım. Gerçekten çalışıyor.

  • Sybilla Desi

    The thing I dislike the most about Instagram is that the profile photo is small. Same when clicking on it. After discovering this site I learned that it can be scaled up. I followed exactly what they said. The result is absolutely incredible. I enlarged my photo as I wished. Thank you.

  • Dynah Garret

    Photo enlargement was one of the things I wanted the most. For some reason, Instagram doesn't allow it. I was wondering if there was another way. I came across this site when I googled it. I was able to enlarge my profile picture as I wanted. It was truly incredible. I would recommend it to everyone. I haven't had any issues with reliability either.

  • Chris Travis

    I have an Instagram account for a very long time. But as everyone knows, the profile picture is very small. It doesn't enlarge even if you click on it. I thought there was no way around this. But I was not aware of the existence of this site. I don't know how they do the image enlargement, but it really did happen. I was very pleased. They did not set limits or limits. This gave me an advantage.

  • Lissie Aguste

    I was thinking that there is no service like enlarging the profile picture. A friend recommended this site to me. After just a few small steps after logging in, the process is complete. I can safely say that it does not take time. They have definitely set up a very nice system. God bless those who do.

  • Gwen Jamison

    I want to be a phenomenon on Instagram. That's my only purpose, and I also need attention. My picture is small. I think this is the most ridiculous aspect of Instagram. I came across your site while wondering if there is a solution to this. The process didn't take long for me. Moreover, they did not set a limit on adjusting the size. I have reached my goal.

  • Rici Nicko

    I have finally found the service I have been looking for for a long time. I used a lot of programs to enlarge my picture, but all of them turned out to be fake. In fact, I almost lost the account on one of them. This site is different. Transactions are very easy. They have already clearly stated how to do it. After doing what you said, I enlarged my photo. Now those who have entered my profile can see my photo bigger and closer.

  • Leanna Gideon

    Instagram is always a place to meet different people for me. That's why I wanted my picture to be seen in a big way. Of course, the site does not allow this. I think it is ridiculous. Fortunately, I was aware of the existence of this site. A friend even told me. I didn't believe it at first, I said no, no such thing. I said try it, what have you got to lose. It really was as he said. But it was a little late. If the system accelerates, it will definitely not be eaten. In this way, everyone can enlarge their picture as they wish.

  • Shawna Mike

    The profile picture I have is too small. I don't like to post too much. That's why I want people to know me through my profile photo. I have used many programs, software, sites. It's all been a lie. I came across this site from the comments. Mashallah everyone praised it. I said for sure there was something else involved, but it wasn't like that at all. After a long process, I was able to enlarge my picture. This means a great opportunity for me. I recommend this site to everyone. It's not fake or anything, just so you know.

  • Lucilia Ilaire

    I love using Instagram and I am constantly sharing during the day. I only have certain posts on my account. So I don't post my own picture. That's why people are wondering how I look through my profile picture. It's ridiculous that it's so small when they click. But this site promised it could grow. I also decided to try it. Indeed my profile picture is bigger now. Even people who log into my account ask me how I did it.

  • Sean Emery

    I enlarged my profile photo very quickly. I'm getting more attention now, thank you very much.

How to Use Instagram Profile Picture Size?

At Buy.Fans, we don't ask you for a password in the safe and Instagram Profile Picture Size cheat used by everyone. Test us using our instagram profile picture size hack tool for platform. If you want it right now, you can follow the steps below:

  • First, click on the Free Tools section on the homepage.
  • Click on the Instagram Profile Picture Size cheat category from the page that opens.
  • Enter all the information requested from you here completely and start the process.
  • After the process has started, do not exit the page and the screen for the time given to you.
  • Finally, complete the process by completing the simple tasks that will appear.
How to Use Instagram Profile Picture Size?
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