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What is TikTok? What are TikTok Features?

What is TikTok? If you're curious about the features and how to use the TikTok app, take a look at the most up-to-date list we've prepared for you!

TikTok is a video-sharing application that has gained popularity worldwide and is enthusiastically embraced by social media users. The platform is known for its impressive and innovative features that have a great appeal among both young people and adults.

It offers users the opportunity to create, edit, and share short and entertaining videos. This allows users to showcase their creativity and create their own unique content.

When closely examining the features of the TikTok app, the user-friendly interface stands out. Users can easily explore the app, watch videos, and create their own content with creative tools. It provides features such as special effects, filters, adding music and text, making videos more enjoyable.

We have prepared a detailed list for you to discover more features like the ones mentioned above. This way, you can take a closer look at the most current features of the TikTok app.

Without further ado, let's examine together the features of the popular app that accommodates millions of users, 'What are the features of the TikTok app?'

What Is TikTok? How To Use It? How Was It Founded? 

TikTok is a social media platform that focuses on short video sharing. Users create and share short videos, typically ranging from 15 to 60 seconds. The platform's popularity has soared, especially among young users.

TikTok's popularity has been fueled by the demand for a visual platform where video content can be consumed and shared rapidly. However, the platform has also sparked some controversies, including concerns about privacy and data protection.

The history behind the global expansion of the social media platform TikTok is quite interesting. It was initially launched by ByteDance in Beijing under the name '' in September 2016. The company had plans to expand the app internationally, and Zhang Yiming, the owner of TikTok, emphasized the necessity of global progress.

The Douyin app, branded as ',' was first introduced to the market in September 2017 in Indonesia. Within just one year, it gained 100 million users in the country, prompting the company to change its name. As we know it today, the app became TikTok.

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Features Of The TikTok Application

The features of the TikTok application, one of the social media platforms, are as follows:

  • For You: The For You section on TikTok is the area where videos and ads are shown to users based on their interests and the algorithm's recommendations. It is the section that appears when you first enter the application.
  • Stories: Similar to Instagram, on the TikTok platform, you can create your own stories. Stories that appear on your profile page are posts that last up to 15 seconds and are visible for 24 hours. You can share your daily life in an authentic and genuine way.
  • Duet: This feature is especially ideal for sharing videos with highly followed content creators and for earning money (or gaining followers) on TikTok. It allows you to share your video side by side in a duet format. However, don't forget to make your duet feature publicly available to use this feature.
  • Effects: If you have filmed a video and noticed that something is missing, you can add effects to your video to attract more attention. Remember that there are two types of adding effects: before and after video recording.
  • Followers: You can observe how many followers you have and who is following you right next to your profile. With the follower feature, you can also use the features of removing followers and blocking users.
  • TikTok Live: If you have surpassed a certain follower threshold as a content creator and are at least 18 years old, you can use this feature. When the feature is active, you can earn money with gifts during live broadcasts.
  • Gifts: Do you want to support a content creator or make a donation to someone you like? Then, you can easily donate to any content creator you want by loading TikTok coins.
  • Withdrawing money from TikTok: You can use the gifts you have earned for others or withdraw them as cash. There will be some conditions for withdrawing money. Be sure to check out the 'How to Withdraw Money from TikTok?' article to learn what those conditions are!

How Much Does The Owner Of TikTok Earn?

Especially the question of "Who is the owner of TikTok" is one of the questions that millions of people want to know. The story of how the platform was founded, hosting millions of content creators and viewers, is intriguing, and people also want to know how much the owner earns.

For those who are curious, the owner of TikTok, Zhang Yiming, is not known for his net worth. However, TikTok is an application under the umbrella of ByteDance. According to various sources, ByteDance earned $23.9 billion in 2024.

Are There Any Dangers Of TikTok? (Why Is TikTok Bad)

TikTok is among the controversial applications when it comes to privacy usage, data storage, and sharing with third parties. When you download the application from the App Store or Google Play Store, the fact that it requests access to almost every piece of information on your phone raises concerns.

If you're curious about the harms of TikTok rather than security concerns, the following reasons can be considered:

  • Wasting time: TikTok can lead users to spend hours simply watching videos or creating content, indirectly causing a lack of productivity, neglecting daily tasks, and weakening time management skills.
  • Health issues: Prolonged screen time can cause eye strain, headaches, and disrupt sleep patterns. Users who do not have an ergonomic environment may face various health problems.
  • Low self-confidence and self-esteem: Social media is a place where users compare themselves to others. Watching videos of seemingly flawless individuals can make users feel negative about their own appearance, abilities, or lives.
  • Harmful content: TikTok may contain harmful content such as violence, harassment, or misleading information. The effects of such content can be serious, especially for young users.
  • Privacy risks: TikTok is a platform where users can share their personal information. Improper configuration of privacy settings or careless sharing of personal information can expose users to privacy breaches or cyberbullying risks.
  • Addiction: TikTok has the potential to engage users with its constantly updated and unlimited content. Addiction can weaken the connection to real-life activities and social relationships.

What Is TikTok? How To Make Money?

Making money on TikTok is everyone's dream and it is the reward for content creators' efforts. No effort should go unrewarded. This way, you can seize the opportunity for real earnings and establish a sustainable profession.

Gaining followers on the platform is crucial. To receive live gifts and activate other features, your videos need to be well-watched and you need to surpass the follower threshold. However, obtaining followers through reliable and faster methods is quite simple.

You can purchase services from TikTok follower buying pages and expand your audience. Additionally, buying views will make it easier to quickly spread your content to a wider audience. This way, you will take confident steps towards becoming a TikTok phenomenon.

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