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Frequently Asked Questions

The most frequently asked questions by our customers.

The transactions presented by the panels are provided permanently. However, in some cases, a problem such as falling may occur. Buy.Fans offers a fall compensation guarantee on all its services. So even if you fall, a new one is provided.

SMM panels are generally focused on paid sales. Different services such as likes, comments, following and watching are offered for a fee. However, Buy.Fans includes tools that you can use for free. Even if you cannot get direct service with these tools, you can create different situations on social media.

As the influence of social media increases today, it has become important to be popular in social media. However, it is not possible for all content to attract attention on these platforms with millions of users. Thanks to SMM, posts become more noticeable.

Some SMM panels have a membership and wallet system. However, Buy.Fans removes all these long transactions and offers a membership-free transaction. Thus, you can only create an instant request for the transaction without having to share your own information in detail.

Within the SMM panels, the process takes place as category selection, service selection, link entry and amount to be sent. In Buy.Fans, this ordering is category selection, service selection, shipping amount, package selection and finally link entry.

In order for the SMM panel to be installed, people must first reach out to a panel provider. This panel needs to be installed on a device just like a normal software application is installed. Then the software of the api codes and the data are required. Installation of panels should be done by professionals.

In order for the SMM panel to be installed, people must first reach out to a panel provider. This panel needs to be installed on a device just like a normal software application is installed. Then the software of the api codes and the data are required. Installation of panels should be done by professionals.

When choosing an SMM panel, you must first make sure that the panel you want to use is reliable. The second point to note is that there are different social media accounts within this service. The more options there are, the more advantageous the shopping will be for you.

Among the SMM panels used today, there are services for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok and Youtube social media accounts. However, Buy.Fans company offers a wide category with 15 different social media account types in this regard.

In order to provide SMM service, there must first be a company in the middle. It will not be possible for people who do not have a company to make sales using these panels. If you are considering getting services for the purchase, you should stay away from people who are not companies.

13 Rating - Average: 5/5

  • Emalee Aguie

    While everything was going perfectly on my social media accounts, my interaction started to drop. No matter what I did I couldn't upgrade it again. I purchased access and impressions with SMM. Your packages exceeded my expectations. That's why I thank you. I am really happy.

  • Shelagh Hayward

    After my research, I came across your page. I got 100% real interaction. Quality work is presented as well as excellent. One of the most positive aspects of SMM is that the live support line is in contact with me 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Yelena Dalt

    I just opened my Instagram account. I used your follower package before to increase my followers. Now that I'm satisfied, I bought views with SMM. Your SMM packages are quite affordable. All services offer the same quality and success. Thank you also for your team. See you soon with different packages!

  • Ginnifer Coleman

    I bought story views after my SMM reviews. I have not experienced the slightest grievance with the affordable price and package features. I have already started to examine the packages in my other social media accounts and I will benefit. I plan to receive service from you again with sharing. My Instagram account is now much more active and has become an account that many people can easily access.

  • Cristina Ambrosius

    I did not even imagine that my profile would rise to the top in a short time in my social accounts with SMM panel. I've had as much success as I expected. Thank you for the services you provide. Glad I met you.

  • Chloette Boone

    I bought story views for Instagram from the SMM system. After the views I received, my audience increased. I gained likes, followers and comments. I did not expect such work in such a short time. You exceeded my expectations. I would like to thank your team and your work for the services you provide.

  • Ree Nikolos

    After purchasing followers through SMM, my views increased. Followers brought me extra income. It consists of 100% real followers. There are no negative features in the packages. A rich profile! I have the most watched live streams. I would also like to thank the team that provides 24/7 service.

  • Natalie Jameson

    After the recommendation of my close friend, I bought followers from the SMM panel. The followers I got brought me advantages in many ways. Now I use different packages in my other social media accounts. I am satisfied and recommend it to my friends.

  • Maddie Sylvester

    In the publications I made on social media, the pages I researched to reach many audiences told me that I was overpaid. But Buy.Fans didn't experience that either. It is a comfortable platform for both payment and trust. High-level measures are available with SMM. I would definitely recommend.

  • Felicle Von

    I've been posting on social media for a long time. Since I had no followers, I had no income and no audience. Now I am very happy that the followers I bought through SMM are real. I reached more audiences. It appears in my own account among known and known accounts.

  • Shelbi Egon

    Before my purchase, I had many question marks in my mind. However, after purchasing it, I realized that all these question marks were unnecessary. Buy.Fans is both a reliable and successful company in social media.

  • Walliw Lorne

    I have many different accounts in social media. Although my interactions went well in the beginning, I could not achieve the desired effect over time and a stagnation occurred in my accounts. I used SMM packages to eliminate this stagnation. I now have more followers than I want.

  • Thomasine Skye

    I offer my own boutique for e-commerce within social media. I bought different packages from the Buy.Fans SSM panel in order to revive my boutique and reach the customer base I want. All packages came with a professional quality. It was one of the best investments I've made for me.

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